The Challenges

Surge anticipation requires an immediate response. In relatively short lines, every tenth of a second counts and hydraulic solutions are not fast enough. Activating N.O. solenoids during power outages, can result in solenoid heating and jamming due to scale and dirt, not opening at the moment of truth, or coils burning causing unwanted valve opening and emptying of the line.

Surge a system

Our Solution

The BR-735-55-UPS controller is equipped with rechargeable batteries and functions as an uninterruptible power supply. During power outages, the controller energizes a N.C. DC solenoid which immediately opens the valve. The controller enables the scheduling of opening points (a good solution in long lines) and times, preventing valves opening when the pumps aren’t operating.

Surge Anticipation

What's in it for me?

Reliable surge anticipation protects your system

Farmers benefit from a reliable and simple solution for irrigation operation and calibration as well as ongoing system protection and immediate response in the event of surges. Water and energy savings are achieved through calibrating opening times, while savings in maintenance costs are achieved due to surge protection and prevention of the line emptying.

Surge anticipation
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