MUT2300 with MC608

The MUT2300 with MC608 is a mains powered electromagnetic water meter for use in district metering areas (DMA), water abstraction, and custody transfer measurement of potable water (OIML R49), irrigation, and many other applications. Unlike other water meters, the MUT2300 is a maintenance-free meter, offering a much wider range of flow, in a compact or remote mounted version. Thanks to the optimized flow profile, the MUT2300 can be installed virtually anywhere without straight inlet or outlet runs, behind pipe bends, slide valves or a reduction in the pipe. Its measuring tube is in fact specifically designed to enable a stable measurement even at the lowest flow rates, maintaining a neglectable pressure loss in all its range.

With optional pressure and temperature sensors, GSM/GPRS integrated modem and 12…24Vdc power source, the meter is the perfect solution for leak detection, and pressure management systems. The highly robust structure, allows burial installation or the use in flooded areas. A full on-site verification without process interruption can be carried out using the Field Verificator service tool.

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    Features & Benefits

    • High performances to a low cost of ownership: Capability to read flow velocities of 0.015 m/s (OIML R49 certified), within Class 1 accuracy
    • Multiple outputs: pulse, analog 4-20mA, Modbus, frequency, Hart protocol and programmable output
    • U0-D0: Zero upstream and downstream distances (OIML R49 certified)
    • Information always available: Add-on communication module GSM/GPRS automatically sends the information via SMS, e-mail or on a website portal with personal ID and password.
    • Empty pipe detection: Empty pipe electrode supplied as standard (≥ DN65). Empty pipe detection on measuring electrodes standard for all sizes
    • Flow - pressure – temperature: all at the same time: Add on modules of temperature and pressure readying make the MUT2300 with MC608 one of the most complete electromagnetic flowmeter available in the market

    • No data lost: Data automatically stored in the internal EEPROM memory. Up to 100.000 lines of active datalogging
    • Easy management, easy programming: A software is supplied with the unit to allow users to communicate with the MC608 via IRCOM port to any pc, lap top or windows tablet.
    • Certifications and compliance: OIML R49 (on request) / EX - IEC IECEx (on request and only separate version) / NSF ANSI61 (On model MUT2200US)
    • Always verified: The BERMAD FIELD VERIFICATOR is available for full on-site verification, without interruption of the process
    • No moving parts
    • Neglectable pressure drop
    • Long lasting stability and precision
    • Zero maintenance
    • Extremely sturdy structure
    • High chemical resilience
    • Wider range of measurement


    • Irrigation
    • Water treatment
    • Wastewater industry
    • Mining
    • Industry
    • Billing

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