The Challenges

Precise irrigation is often identified with advanced technologies such as sensors, drones and satellites. The key challenge facing farmers is to irrigate the right amount at the right time. It’s also vital to obtain early notification in the event of excessive irrigation (pipe burst / valve closure failure) or insufficient irrigation (clogged drips / sprinklers). Considering information about weather conditions and soil moisture are added to the mix, the systems meet 90% of farmers’ needs.

Precise Irrrigation system

The Percise Irrigation Solution

The solution to this challenge is quantity-based irrigation rather than time-based irrigation.  Quantity-based irrigation depends on the ability to measure water flow and quantity — utilizing a water meter and controller to run irrigation programs based on the data received.

BERMAD’s Omega Controller connected to BERMAD’s water meters, provide a simple and user-friendly precision irrigation solution to this challenge. Omega controllers can connect to weather stations and moister sensors, transmitting and receiving relevant information to and from the farmer.

Precise irrigation system

What's in it for me?

Precise irrigation with OMEGA & BERMAD water meters

With Omega, farmers gain precise irrigation through ongoing monitoring, which results both in water and fertilizer savings.

Changes to the irrigation plan are made according to sensor readings, enabling immediate response to insufficient irrigation such as increased irrigation in anticipation of extreme weather conditions, and irrigation at required time and in the right quantity — all of which  results in improved crops.

Benefit from the peace of mind which comes from always knowing, controlling and logging what’s happening in your irrigation system using BERMAD’ simple, user-friendly and reliable products, backed by our proven global service and support.

Omega cloud
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