The Challenges

Start-up and shut-down down pumps in an uncontrolled manner (On-Off) creates pressure surges and water hammer in the system causing damage to pumping stations and delivery systems. While it’s possible to treat surges in the system,  it makes more sense to prevent them by implementing effective control.


Our Solution

Installing a pump control using an Active Check Valve, insulates the pump from the line during start-up and Shut-down, thereby ensuring controlled and restrained entry and exit of pump flow, without surge or electrical load. BERMAD’s Pump Control Valve BR-740E eliminates these small pressure surges. The pump control valve opens after pump start and closes before pump stop. The dedicated controller synchronizes operation of the pump and control valve.

Surge a system

What's in it for me?

BERMAD’s solution is tailored to the exact needs of the system, providing excellent synchronization between the pumping station control and valve operation. It also offers an easy selection of operation modes, timer settings for a fine tuned solution. as well as saving on maintenance costs for the pumps, valves, solenoids and lines.

Pump Control
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