The Challenges

Pressure surges can cause damage to pumping stations and the delivery system. Power failures can result in pressure surges and causes motorized valves to malfunction. Pressure surges occur very shortly after pump stoppage due to an electrical fault in the pipe system. Water networks with small elevation differences in delivery systems don’t allow for all hydraulic solutions.

Surge a system

Our Solution

BERMAD’s Surge Anticipating Valve BR-735D-UPS with solenoid control enables quick response. The dedicated built-in controller with built-in UPS system activates the controller and the valve.

Surge Anticipation

What's in it for me?

BERMAD’s solution is tailored to the exact needs of the system, enabling excellent synchronization between the pumping station control and the valve, easy selection of operation modes, and simple timer setting for a fine-tuned solution.

Surge Anticipation
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