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Precise Irrigation

The challenge

As is the case in many fields around the world, the distance between irrigation heads in ‘Moshav Ben Ami’, Northern Israel, made it necessary for the farmer to travel across the field. Throughout the day, he regularly visited each plot to monitor and check the water flow, detect leaks, and ensure everything was running smoothly. Clearly, a daily task of this type requires working time, fuel expenses, and other resources.

The Solution

Omega irrigation controller can be installed at distant locations to connect each irrigation control head via the internet to BERMAD Cloud (we call it IoV – the “Internet of Valves”). Omega enables local monitoring and control while making operation, supervision and troubleshooting process far more user-friendly and efficient by offering remote access to your irrigation system, no matter where you are. The plug-n-play capability and user-friendly approach of Omega make installation quick, intuitive and simple.

What’s in it for the customer?

Thanks to Omega’s capabilities, water flow issues can now be addressed remotely, enabling irrigation conditions to be controlled without a physical visit to each irrigation head. Omega also includes a flow monitoring and leakage alert feature that enables the controller to react automatically to critical events, and the farmer is now able to leverage the data collected by the controllers, to optimize the irrigation and improve yield.

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