The Challenges

Since 1965, BERMAD has been interacting with the world’s major designers, entrepreneurs, irrigation and waterworks companies, consortiums, dealers and end users – accumulating knowledge and experience in planning and implementing diverse applications that meet a wide range of agricultural irrigation and waterworks needs.
Today, we are recognized as a pioneer and established world-leading provider of water flow management solutions that enhance and protect water systems in irrigation and waterworks and provide our customers with unprecedented operational efficiency.

The solution

A single, trusted focal point for all of your automation needs

After spending more than 56 years supporting all of your hydraulic needs, it’s only natural that we’re the first to offer fully-integrated management solutions. These unique holistic solutions include:

  • Innovative technology and stand-out products – proven hydraulic control valves, high-performance air valves, innovative smart meters, controllers and fertilizer platforms
  • Comprehensive cloud-enabled management systems
  • Exceptional end-to-end technical and engineering support

What’s in it for me?

From the initial characterization and planning stages of your water system, through to design, engineering, production and installation, and way beyond – we’re here to help you synchronize all stages of the project and offer you everything you need and more to solve your automation needs and challenges.

BERMAD offers you the transparency and full control that you need over your water system, in one simple and integrative solution.

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