The Challenges

Water utilities experiencing constant maintenance on their water meters. Some meters / technologies lose accuracy over time, others are subjective to wear and tear. The need for accurate meters with communication and synergy between all devices in the network is required. Utility engineers need both the knowledge and easy access to manage meters, leaks, and pipe bursts in real time.

Our Solution

BERMAD’s Electromagnetic flow meters provides a state of the art nonmoving part meters with extremely high accuracy for the lifetime of the system. The meters act as real-time data loggers and they are equipped with cellular communication as well as analog inputs and industry standard outputs such as pulse, 4-20mA, and Modbus to name a few. Information can be extracted on site or accesses through web-based portal, providing our customers online access anytime, anywhere.

Smart solutions

What's in it for me?

Accurate monitoring & control is essential for any water utility. BERMAD Meters are plug-and-play solutions that help ensure efficiency throughout the water supply system. They measure, monitor and track supply lines, enabling the remote control of events using cloud software or a smartphone app. In this manner, water utility managers can optimize their water supply systems to maximize the use of resources and energy, ensuring cost-effective and accurate billing for their services. BERMAD’s smart meters offer you a low maintenance, high accuracy experience – allowing you to collect data at the tip of your fingers, focusing on what’s really important.

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