Smart Metering – MUT1100J with MC406

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Composite electromagnetic flow meter

To succeed in today’s challenging farming business, growers have to effectively manage precious resources such as water, nutrients and energy. Accomplishing this critical objective isn’t simple, and primarily requires very precise measurement of irrigation volumes.

Cost Efficiency

Compared to other solutions, BERMAD’s extremely precise electromagnetic flowmeters deliver up to 3% more accurate measurement of water volumes, especially if irrigating using muddy water or treated wastewater. This significant difference in measuring accuracy means huge savings in water, nutrients and energy bills over 20 years of operation, which is the typical life span of these heavy-duty devices.

Knowledge-based Confidence

Beyond excellent return on investment, BERMAD’s electromagnetic meters offer virtually maintenance-free operation. They’re based on modern measurement technology with no moving parts, that dramatically reduces malfunctions, maximizes reliability, and cuts maintenance costs.

Consistent Reliability

With their unmatched accuracy, reliability and durability, BERMAD‘s electromagnetic flowmeters are a wise investment with exceptional benefits. They are backed by the industry-leading knowledge, experience and support of BERMAD, the trusted global leader in quality water control solutions.

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