Water Meter Register

BERMAD extends its commitment to provide customers with smart metering solutions designed to increase efficiencies, conserve water and improving customer service. Our electronic register is a state of the art technology ideally suited for all applications. BERMAD’s knowledge offers consumers of all types a powerful and unique solutions designed to enhance standard mechanical water meters, providing integrated communication capabilities. Heavy duty and intended to cover a wide flow range, particularly suited for Waterworks applications, Bermad’s Mechanical Water Meters consist of: TURBO-BAR WPH Woltman meter 900 Series Hydrometer uniting Woltman meter with hydraulic control valve. The smart electronic register combines encapsulated and weatherproof housing with a reliable and quality design. Our goal is to enhance our customers’ ability to improve their accuracy, increase metering sensitivity, conserve energy and conversely reduce maintenance and cost.

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    Features & Benefits

    • Integrated intelligence communication
    • Universal E-Register - suits all water meter types and sizes made by BERMAD
    • Instant flow rate
    • Forward and reverse flow indication
    • Intuitive Android / iOS App
    • Fast pulse output rate
    • Support metric & imperial units of measurement
    • Over the air programming

    • 12 digits LCD display
    • Increases savings with reduced installation and labor costs
    • Plug & play installation
    • Rֺֺeverse flow indication
    • Data logging capabilities
    • Battery level alert indication
    • General alert indication
    • IP68

    Product Applications

    • Monitoring
    • Leak Detection
    • Volumetric irrigation

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