MUT1222 with MC406

The MUT1222 with MC406 is a battery powered insertion electromagnetic water meter for use in water network management systems, leakage control, district metering, flow surveys,

profiling and many other applications. The MUT1222 alternative comes in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) suitable to use in pipe size from DN 50 to 2600 (2”-102” respectfully) . Delivering highly accuracy bi-directional measurement for water distribution and raw water pipelines, the insertion meter is robust and has no moving parts therefore, reliable and suitable to measure a wide range of flows. The MUT1222 can be used as a portable or a dedicated / permanent instrument; with its “hop tapping” application it is very easy and quick to install without the need to stop the flow under full working pressure conditions. With optional pressure and temperature sensors, GSM/GPRS integrated modem and 12…24Vdc power source, the insertion meter is a cost-effective alternative to full-bore meters.

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    Features & Benefits

    • Multiple outputs: pulse, analog 4-20mA, Modbus, frequency, Hart protocol and programmable output
    • Information always available: Add-on communication module GSM/GPRS automatically sends the information via SMS, e-mail or on a website portal with personal ID and password. Accessible also from smart phones and tablets. Configurable FTP communication.
    • Flow - pressure – temperature: all at the same time: Add on modules of temperature and pressure readying make the MUT1222 with MC406 one of the most complete electromagnetic flowmeter available in the market

    • Easy management, easy programming: A software is supplied with the unit to allow users to communicate with the MC406 via IRCOM port to any pc, lap top or windows tablet.
    • Certifications and compliance: • 2014/35/EU - EN 61010-1:2013 (LVD) • 2014/30/EU - EN 61326-1:2013 (EMC) • 2014/34/UE - IEC 60079 - 0, IEC 60079 - 18 (ATEX - IECEx) Separate version
    • Always verified: The Euromag FIELD VERIFICATOR is available for full on-site verification, without interruption of the process
    • No data lost: Data automatically stored in the internal EEPROM memory. Up to 100.000 lines of active datalogging

    Product Applications

    • Water network management
    • Leakage control
    • District metering
    • Flow surveys
    • Flow profiling
    • Checking on-site flowmeters
    • Data capture reporting and analysis

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