Valve Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter


The IFM device is an in-valve electromagnetic insertion flow meter that adds an accurate flow measurement functionality to any BERMAD control valve. The IFM is suitable for flow measurement in civil, municipal, industrial and agricultural water management systems. Easy to install and operate, IFM enhances the control valve functionality by adding a flow measuring capability, in many cases eliminating the need for full size water meter installation.

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    Features & Benefits

    Features Benefit

    • Designed for use with BERMAD control valves, fits a wide range of valve sizes
    • Cost saving
    • Compact design reduces space needed for installation
    • Suitable for water and sewage
    • Electromagnetic operation
    • Bi-directional flow rate & totalizer display

    • Suitable for flow measurement of liquids contaminated with solids
    • Wide range of output options to control applications
    • Built-in data logger
    • Electronic converter - various communication options
    • GSM option available including data transmission of flow, pressure and temperature

    Product Applications

    • Suitable for pressure control applications
    • Suitable for water and sewage
    • Suitable for flow measurement of liquids contaminated with solids

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