How controller helps managing easier our systems?

Controllers & data logger helps the user to pre-set schedule for changing automatically valves’ operation mode, based on time, flow rate and other parameters.

Modern controllers allows remote control via laptop or mobile, based on cyber secured web-cloud platforms. In other cases also directly to the utility SCADA.

Major benefit is the data which allows advanced monitoring of the system performance. Which helps in detecting abnormal flow/pressure patterns and optimize the system operation and efficiency.

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Controllers Products

    Features & Benefits

    • Cost effective & User friendly
    • Standalone - battery operated
    • 4G / 2G NB-IoT, CAT-M & GPRS BLE RS485 Modbus
    • Cloud connectivity & Web Application
    • Clever pressure optimization
    • Smartphone App
    • Offline & Online control
How it works

A smart controller is a device that is used to automate the process of watering plants or crops or regulate pressures in a water system. It is typically installed in a central location and connected to a series of valves and sprinklers or drip emitters or a series of pressure sensors that distribute water throughout a landscape or field.

Advanced smart controllers can be controlled remotely through a smartphone or computer, which allows the user to adjust settings and monitor the system from anywhere & anytime by an internet connection.

Overall, a smart controller helps conserve water, reduce labor costs, and ensure that plants receive the right amount of water at the right time, leading to healthier and more productive crops or landscapes.

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