Portable Control Kit for Irrigation Reel Machines

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Precise Irrigation

The challenge

Reel irrigation machines are a common mobile solution that’s easily adaptable to a wide range of irrigated areas. In some cases, however, when a lay flat pipe connects the machine to its water source, irrigation may pose timing challenges with the main valve as runtime changes per shift. In other words, if irrigation takes longer than the programmed runtime of the main valve, the machine will run out of water before irrigation has been completed. On the other hand, high pressure can damage or even tear apart the lay flat pipe, if the main valve remains open when irrigation ends.

The solution

We’ve resolved the synchronization of the machine and the main valve with a “mobile controller kit combined with hydraulic overpressure protection”. Though naming may need an extra tweak, the solution is simple and works flawlessly! Let’s break down what we did: We mounted an Omega Controller on a pole, along with its solar power system, to create a portable control unit that can be moved easily between water sources for the machine. On the reel machine, we installed a BERMAD Pressure Relief Valve to relief excessive flow and protect the system from overpressure. Additionally, no communication between the Reel machine and the main valve is required.

What’s in it for the customer?

The controller’s flow control automatically identifies the machine’s finishing point and triggers the closing of the main valve while the pressure relief valve maintains the pressure within allowed limits. The controller’s cloud connectivity allows the farmer to consult the status of the system whenever he wants.

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