The Challenges

Time-based manual irrigation often results in inaccuracy, wasted time and money. Irrigation failure due to human error, “I forgot, I was in a meeting…” can be very costly.

Our Solution

The transition to automation requires hydraulic valves and controllers that independently open and close them. But many controllers are both complex and expensive. That’s why BERMAD developed GreenApp. It’s simple, cost-effective and compact.


Making Time-Based Irrigation Easy
GreenApp is easy to install, program and operate. As its name suggests, it’s operated using an app and Bluetooth communication. No wires or connections! It’s usually assembled directly on the valve and farmers benefit from using a controller and valve from the same manufacturer, which enables efficient service and support.

Time Based Irrigation

What's in it for me?

GreenApp enables reliable and accurate irrigation. No delays, no mistakes, and real-time records which enable constant follow-up on the efficiency of irrigation program

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