The Challenges

Thinking of upgrading you existing BERMAD meters? BERMAD’s
E-Register allows you to take your existing metering infrastructure into the digital age. With electronic display, programmable output, units of measurement, and flow rate – BERMAD’s universal
E-Register fits all of our mechanical meter lines and is installation-ready, enabling quick and simple upgrade.

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Our Solution

BERMAD extends its commitment to provide customers with smart metering solutions designed to increase efficiencies, conserve water and improving customer service. Our new electronic register is a state of the art technology ideally suited for all applications. BERMAD’s knowledge provides consumers with a powerful and unique solution to improve daily operation and meet their business needs.

The E-Register’s easy to read LCD display provides real-time notifications such as meter reading, flow rate, leaks, data logging, directional flow indication, as well as other AMI capabilities.

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What's in it for me?

Adding a digital register to a mechanical water meter enables convenient continuous flow readings. Now one register suits all measuring units and diameters, improves precision by calibrating the specific water meter register, and eliminates mechanical wear.

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