The Challenges

Farmers & growers typically requires the ability to monitor and control their irrigation system anytime, anywhere. The key challenge facing farmers is to irrigate the right amount at the right time. Therefore, gathering data from the field such as flowrate, irrigated volume, schedule, sequence of each valve/field, inlet & outlet pressure, local temperature, and rainfall is very crucial for successful precise irrigation.

a farmer in the fild - irrigation

Our Solution

The BERMAD Cloud solution combines the power of the Omega controller with our meter reading technologies to provide water distribution managers, farmers & growers with the ultimate visibility, control and real-time analysis from the field. Putting the data to work increases efficiency of daily operations and provide a holistic view of the irrigation network – resulting in informed decision-making.

What's in it for me?

Full automation precise irrigation allows you to be proactive about your water distribution / irrigation system. By monitoring and controlling your crops in real-time based on logs and alerts, you can achieve both water & fertilizer savings. Our state of the art technology supports iOS & Android platforms and integrates smoothly with existing systems. BERMAD’S Cloud can be easily accessed using tablets, smartphones and PCs.

Bermad Cloud
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