Solar panel washing control with Omega

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Solar Panel Maintenance

The challenge

Solar systems can lose their overall efficiency over time if not cleaned regularly. However, considering their installation and location, the task of cleaning the panels must be carried out by qualified professionals, usually a company that is specialized in this kind of maintenance. But. would it be worth it to hire a professional to clean your system regularly? An efficient way of cleaning the system was developed by a client of BERMAD, which required a reliable control solution to cover all the monitoring and operation aspects, while adapting to the physical installation challenges, enabling local supervision, data acquisition and cloud connectivity over the internet.

The Solution

Omega Controller, though typically used for field irrigation, is a perfect match to the control components that are used in the automated panel washing solution, such as water meters, solenoid-controlled composite valves and analog pressure sensors.

What’s in it for the customer?

Omega can execute programmed control and monitoring tasks while offering 24/7 remote access to the system. The client can benefit from the advantage of controlling the cleaning system, monitoring the efficiency of the solar charge, and relying on BERMAD integrated solutions.

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