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Ready to sit down, put your feet up and manage your irrigation from a smartphone?

The BERMAD GreenApp™ is a smart, flexible, easy-to-use, Bluetooth single station irrigation controller integrated with a solenoid actuator for easy and compact installation on any control valve. Your gardening and irrigation just got so much easier. With the BERMAD GreenApp™, you can connect to a free (Android and iOS) user-friendly app, and manage your irrigation from your smartphone or tablet. How convenient!

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    Features & Benefits

    • Easy to install, simple to operate
    • Hydraulic base with installation bracket
    • ֺLow power consumption
    • ֺIrrigation cycle control by days and hours

    • Advanced construction materials, unique plastic casing
    • Perfect solution for hidden or underground box installation
    • Manual operation

    Product Applications

    • Remote system
    • Off the grid locations
    • Solenoid-controlled on/off valves
    • Solenoid-controlled pressure and flow control valves
    • Drip, sprinkler and micro-sprinkler agriculture plots valves
    • ֺDrip, sprinkler and micro-sprinkler landscape irrigation systems
    • ֺIrrigation of flowerpots and window boxes
    • ֺRooftops and balcony systems
    • ֺPublic, roadside, and traffic island landscaping

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