The Challenges

Water utilities need direct communication and synergy between all the pressure and flow devices in the network and in every DMA. Utility engineers need both the knowledge and easy access to manage pressure in certain DMAs according to two levels only, usually related to the time of day. Other challenges faced by utilities include the lack of power sources in every location, inaccurate and unstable pressure control, inability to remotely change setting, and lack of input from the field regarding the actual hydraulic conditions of the system.

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Our Solution

BERMAD provides robust and reliable digital devices which operate across the full range of utility assets, controlling the pressure and flow. Omega allows operation in city center and/or rural applications. Thanks to its communication capabilities, the Omega controller can remotely modify any PRV between two pressure setting points –  according to time, or flow sensors. BERMAD ensures accurate & stable pressure control at all flow rates – anytime, anywhere.

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What's in it for me?

Our digital devices enable system pressure optimization and calm networks, increasing the efficiency of network management and maintenance. Monitor & control the entire system remotely via BERMAD’s cloud and benefit from on-demand pressure management. Thresholds can be set according to time of the day or demand. Receive alerts during emergencies, over or insufficient pressure and bursts, enabling timely response. Enjoy BERMAD’s professional support and benefit from faster response and service.


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