The Challenges

When mechanical water meters aren’t connected to irrigation controllers, flow rate measurements are both complex and inconvenient. A different register is required for varying units of measurement (m³/h, gpm, etc.) and in addition, moving parts in the register wear out and impair accuracy of the measurements over time.

smart remote

Our Solution

Adding a digital register to a mechanical water meter enables convenient continuous flow readings. Now one register suits all measuring units and diameters, improves precision by calibrating the specific water meter register, and eliminates mechanical wear.

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What's in it for me?

Digital metering results in savings

Farmers benefit from one register suitable for all water meters, instant flow readings at all times, and more accurate measurement —resulting in savings in both water and resources. Moreover, the E-Register’s easy to read LCD display reports real-time notifications such as meter reading, flow rate, leaks, data logging, directional flow indication, and other AMI capabilities.

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