Agricultural Districts – 24/7 Monitoring From Remote Sites

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Agricultural Districts - 24/7 Monitoring From Remote Sites

The challenge

Regulatory in Israel mandates all agricultural districts to install high accuracy meters (preferred non-moving parts meters) with cellular connectivity to the national water authority (“Rashut-A-Maim”). The main challenge districts struggle with – is monitoring those sites 24/7 (live streaming) without the availability of a constant AC power supply.

The Solution

To overcome this challenge BERMAD installs its electromagnetic flow meters MUT2200 With MC406 convertor powered by internal battery pack and a dedicated tailored made solar panel solution (3W), allowing for 24/7 constant Modbus communication from the smart meters to the national water authority’s communication device. 

What’s in it for me?

The agriculture districts benefit from the ease of installation, the elimination of extensive & expenssive labor, trenching of AC lines, special electrical permits etc. The logged Information can be extracted on site or accesses through web-based portal, providing our customers online access anytime, anywhere.

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