The Challenges

Agricultural irrigation systems utilize a variety of water sources including rivers, reservoirs and increasingly, treated effluent. The varying water quality can be extremely challenging — suspended solids, algae, parts such as plastic, wood, concrete and iron, and air in the system can result in mechanical water meters being damaged or jammed, losing accuracy or breaking down completely.

Smart metering chalenges

Our Solution

While adding filtration systems and stone traps above each water meter is helpful, the best solution is water meters with unrestricted passage and no moving parts. BERMAD’s electromagnetic technology successfully addresses the water quality challenge, providing high reliability with excellent and stable measurement accuracy over time.

Fappiano 190 project

What's in it for me?

Smart metering enables major savings

Farmers enjoy major savings on maintenance, water, and fertilizer and service costs.  All these benefits backed by BERMAD’s global service and proven support!

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